Benefits for employees: Should it be in HCM or in Asset Management ?


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My company is to log all details of employees who is having laptop, mobile phone, car etc. These are the benefits for employees. Is JDE 8.12 is having modules to manage these details.
Is it come in Asset management or in Human Capital Management ?


You can add all of them as fixed assets in E1 and depreciate them periodically.We do the same for all the devices given to the employees.
You can also assign your employer issued property in the supplemental database in the employee master. This will allow you to assign the type of asset such as badges, keys, vehicles, computers/Laptop, cell phones with dates assigned, serial # and value. Reports can be run of items assigned to an employee to insure that all the appropriate items are collected when the employee leaves the company.

JDE E1 9.0/9.1.4
Windows Server 2012
Oracle DB 12