Begin date greater than End date Error processing


I'm using PO options to capture a begin and end date. Sincemy PO use date fields for the begin and end date it is validating themonth and day. However I do not see a way to validate whetherthe begin date is greater than the end date. So I'm doing it in RDAvia the main columnar section, initialize section. I use the ExpressionManagers date function to retrieve the number is days betweenthe begin and end dates. If it is less than zero the begin date is greaterthan the end date. This is working fine. My trouble is printing out the date range that isin error. In the End Section of the main columnar section I'mchecking to see if the date range is in error. Since I want the user to see what they entered I would like to show them on the report. So, I'm processing a customGroup Section which has one field where I'm concat the date range in errorinto. When I run the report I get "No Data Selected".

When I change the program to call a custom Columnar Section whenI have header and detail fields the detail fields are empty while theheader fields have exactly what I want.

This is one of my first programs that I've wrote but is seems odd that Ihave to give the headers a variable name and move data to them to get itto do what I want. The only thing I can think of is since there are notrecords to process(since the start date is greater than the end date) is willnot print any detail.

Is this now it’s supposed to work?



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You will write a code in report header section where you will compare the two dates. if the begin date is less than end date you will enable a variable to show the message that date criterion is wrong.

is this what you want?