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Hi list,

I am having problem with batch status. When the batch are created, the
status into the F0911 keep blank (unposted), but the status into F0011 is D
as posted.

The user can not post the batch, because the batch is head oriented.

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The P in the F0011 is for pending D is for posted. If a batch is not posted
you want to see either a P or A (for approved) for the status. If a user
can't post a may have batch security turned on and they do not
have authority to post or you could have action code security that does not
allow them to post.


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There are two fields in F0011 that are of concern and you need to consider
them both.

ICIAPP - indicates whether the batch is approved or pending;-
A = Approved P = Pending
ICIST - effectively system controlled and indicates the status of
the batch;-
blank = unposted
A = Approved but unposted
D = Posted, ie processed through GL Post process
E = Batch is in error
P = Batch is currently in the GL post process
U = Batch is in use, probably by a user either for review or
change etc.

Hidden selection 27 from any GL menu will give you access to batch header
maintenance - BUT read the user reference manual carefully before making any

Regards...... Colin HUGILL

Colin Hugill