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I hope this is the right category for this and I hope that I explain this in a way that's not confusing.

I messed up doing a batch journal entry upload. I didn't change a line in a new upload and it added something to a previous upload. Now, in one of the screens it appears as if the previous upload didn't process. When I open that transaction it says processed. When I check the journal entry, everything looks's not showing the incorrect additions that happened as a result of the new upload...but it also didn't undo anything. But in one screen it appears as if it didn't process and I'm concerned that it may be an issue behind the scenes. I've attached a small screenshot. This is the "Journal Entry Review" screen under "Batch Journal Entry Processing". The user names highlighted in white indicate that the transaction processed successfully...what's not highlighted ordinarily would be an unprocessed transaction...but that's the original one...when I go into it it says it's processed but again in this screen it doesn't appear that way. Is this an issue? If so, is it fixable and how?


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Alex Blasenheim

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It sounds like you are OK. I cannot see your screenshot. Once a line item is processed, it is flagged so that it cannot be processed again. Your new batch was probably combined with a processed batch when you accidentally "didn't change a line in a new upload..."As long as the ultimate journal entries are fine you are good to go. Just verify with the Accounting person responsible. If it is wrong, the batch can always be voided. At that point you could probably upload again.