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Dear List,
I guess I need some help. I am trying to load invoices through the Z files F03B11Z1 & F0911Z1. The Table Conversions from a local Access database to JDE works fine (no validation problems encountered) and the Z files are populated; however, when I inquire any invoice using the Batch Invoice Revisions, it shows "Record Invalid", "Currency Exchange Rate" and "Blanks Invalid" errors.
We are a Canadian-based company, the invoices are generated for one of our US sites; we have multicurrency in place and I try to load invoices in Foreign Mode, using the Currency Code "USD" (already present in F0015) but it shows red-out.
In the same time, when looking at the G/L Distribution, it doesn't show all the rows in the grid but the total one.
Did anybody hit this road-block before? I wonder if I can get the Batch processor work-out these problems (probably not).
Adrian Chimirel

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I recall the Blank Invalid message complaining about the AID field(s) being
blank. It does not tell you which one, but the bank account ID is on that
rings a bell.

If you can key your own entry into the files using the interactive
application (P03B11Z1 or something), then inspect those records with the
ones you are trying to create, then you can sometimes find the missing info.

I don't know on the country currency code business... that is new territory
for me.

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Re: RE: Batch Invoice

I followed your advice and took P03B11Z1 for a ride. You were right; I just made up the AID first then the GlBankAccount instead and the Blank invalid error disappeared!
I changed the Foreign Currency Mode to Domestic (all the US customers have the USD currency setup) and the Curency Exchange Rate error vanished!!
I'm fighting now with a "Posting Edit Code Does not Allow Entry" error. It seems that the flag has to be blanked out, my financial people will help me with it, I hope :)
Thank you,
Adrian Chimirel

B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 805 on RS/6000, Citrix, Win95&NT