Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Header (F03B13) Unposted

saravanan sds

we have posted a BatchType('RB') which contains of 10 Records(were DocType: "RI" and "RU") and ran the Report (R0070712). I had error message as "Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Header (F03B13) Unposted"...

My action::I’ve tries changing the batch status to ‘A’ and reposting the batch but it still, I getting same error as Batch Header (F0011) Posted / Header (F03B13) Unposted".

I verified F03B13 for this batch status was( 9 Records Posted, '1' Record alone not been posted). That '1' Record whose Post code: Unpost i.e: Blank. Let me know the solution for this Issue ASAP. Thanks in Advance.
Note: This unposted Record DocType: "RU" and pay status"A" . Yet to pay. In F09011/F03B14 no Record found for this "1" Record alone, Remaining "9" Records of this Batch got posted. Currently, F03B13 & F03B11 In this both the table "1" Record status was posted.