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Does anyone have any information on a batch application server that does all the UBE processing, instead of having the Enterprise server doing it. So, you would have a deployment server (NT Box), enterprise server (AS400 - like a file server with the central objects on it), and a batch application server that does all the processing of UBE's (NT box). We would like to offload all the processing from our AS400 to a NT server, but have some questions about performance. Does anyone have any ideas or know of anyone I could contact. Thanks
We've implemented a few application servers with our Terminal servers,
anything specific you need to know ?

Walter De Melo
Mosaic Group Inc.
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Walter, we seem to have a very under sized AS400 and was trying to get some information on how the solution of an Apps server would help out with the processing of UBE's, etc. Can you provide any information?
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If you have a really undersized 400, then an APP server should definately help your performance. The CPU processing for UBE's would now run on the INTEL processor instead of the 400, freeing it up. In addition, DASD consumption would be lowered for the same reason. The only slow down will be the delay pulling the data from the AS/400 across the network between the servers, which should be fairly minimal for most smaller reports. But, if the AS/400 is slow due to sizing, this will probably be a better alternative for performance.

You could also map some of your BSFN's for user's to run on the APP server if you currently have them mapped to the AS/400, and this would take an additional load off of that server.

In particular, what performance information are you looking for? If you could provide more information about your performance concerns, I could provide you more information.

David McIlmoyl
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