Basket Level Reprice from XE to E91


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Hi ,

We are migrating from XE to E91 , We have run the required Table conversion to push the Price Adjustment setups from XE to E91.

Issue :
I am facing issue while running the Basket level Pricing (R42750) for an Sales Order Number, After running R42750 report all the adjustments are getting displayed in price history (F4074) with Unit price as Zero for an item.(For the Same item we are getting Adjustments with Unit Price in XE)

I have debugged this application and found CheckMinValueItemItemGroupLevel (B4504560) Business function is looking for Advance Basket price setups from F4550 and F4551 , since these tables are not exists in XE there are no setups exits in E91 for us . Due this issue Unit Price getting Override to Zero.

1) Advance Basket Price Setups (F4550, F4551, and F4072.ADBKTPID) are mandatory for running R42750 - Basket level Pricing Report?


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Hi All,

Finally I got the root cause for my issue …

I have done a fresh transaction in pristine environment with Basis Code 6,8 , I am getting Unit Price as “0” in the Price History for Basket Adjustment(Other Basis Codes are working good).

Root Cause for the issue.

• When we running the Reprice Batch application R42750 then this UBE is calling B4500542 (Process Reprice Adjustment )
Business function

• B4500542 Business function is applying the Adjustment correctly and inserts into F40UI74 Work File with Line number
“0” (Zero)

• Then after B4500542 BSFN checks for Enhanced Basket Reprice setups for the adjustments, If the setups not found then
this BSFN inserts into F40UI74 File with Unit price zero and with Line number 1 in F40UI74 file.

• At the end we are calling B4500740 (CalculateandSumAdjusment) Business function for summing the amount in
F40UI74 , Here there is no code exists for Basis 6 and 8 . This is the Bug.

Oracle Agreed this Bug and Created 19579162 (Bug ID) for the same issue.