Base warranties

After creating Installed Base Entry, the system creates Base Warranty Contracts. But in the Create Base Warranty Contract program - P17212, displays with B/W available as "N". How to change this to "Y" so that I can create B/W contract


Reputable Poster

The problem is actually in your P17111 Base Warranty Defaults. The P17212 cannot find a default to apply - this causes the "NO" to appear and you cannot change that without fixing the P17111!!

If you still have problems then maybe the search sequence is messed up.... Once in P17111 take the Form exit to "Warranty Rules" if you still have problems. Sometimes the sequence in which it searches for the Default can become confused if you made a mistake here. For example, if you don't provide a Customer Nbr nor Country nor B/P or Inv Item nor Model nor Family then you must set it "N" across the screen.