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Barcodes are printing a gap space rather than encoding the space


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Hi folks,

I have an issue in that my BI Pick Slip is actually printing a physical space rather than encoding one.

Example attached Customer Item Number is actually "*3G Certified*" but it leaves a gap in the bar code between *3G and Certified*

Any ideas how to solve this as it's actually unreadable now.





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What bar code method are you using (39, 128, ...)?
Whose Font? They are not all equal.

Suggest you google the subject because I doubt the issue is specific to BIP. I found this from searching
"To print the space symbol in the standard Code 39 Fonts, use "_" (the underscore) or "=" (the equal character) instead of a space.
To print the barcode representing a space symbol in Code 128 Fonts, use ASCII 194 instead of ASCII 32."


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Hi Larry

We were using 3 of 9 but I can't remember where I got it from. Now I had to download a newer 3 of 9 that seems to be encoding a space.
I saw that info too thanks. I was hoping I could think of an alternative to do that.

It looks like we need a restart of the server too as a new font installation needs this.