Barcode Printing - HELP! HELP! HELP!


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We are attempting to print out of OneWorld using the Hallogram BC C39 3 to 1
Medium font. It prints fine out of Acrobat (not acceptable for our Terminal
Server users due to band-width consumption concerns) and we can print the
font using Word or Excel.

I have checked the developers code and I can actually see the fonts when I
look at the report via RDA.

When we print directly from OW to the printer the actual barcode value
prints (ie., *NCL0009367* instead of the barcode code).

Neither JDE nor Hallogram have been any help. Interesting that this is the
only barcode font they "support" but yet nobody knows how to "support" it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Hi James,

First, please always include your system configuration info in your signature (bottom of your posting). That way you have more chance of getting someone who has experience with that SW/HW config who can actually help you instead of a chatty busybody like me ;)

Second, Where is the UBE executing? On the client (fat or T.S.) or an the Enterprise/Application Server? It sounds like you are running on the server but want to confirm.

Third, what type of output is the UBE generating? Is it PCL, PostScript, LinePrinter?

Fourth, Where is the printer located? Local to the Server or on a WAN?

I know you want answers, not questions ... but we need to zero in here.


Larry Jones
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OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6