Barcode not printing in BI Publisher


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I am experiencing an issue with the barcode font in my BI Publisher template. I have embedded the custom font in the advanced properties of the RTF file to point to the Windows Font folder, but it is still not printing when I generate the PDF. (I can see it if I generate in HTML or RTF) I followed the same instructions I did to correct the MICR font yet for some reason the bar code font still will not work.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can correct this issue? Which custom font did you use for your barcodes?

Thanks in advance

This issue has been resolved. it turned out that my fields that had the bar code font were corrupted and not the setup of the custom font. Thanks
Excuse me Natalie, could you share how you fixed this issue? I have the same problem, the barcode is not printing in my template (PDF), for RTF and HTML is working.

please write me to my email [email protected]

Thanks in advance

Ricardo Campos
Purely a guess but it might have something to do with the rules around the barcode string. For example, when it was my 1st time using Code39 barcodes, I did not know about the requirement to place "*" at the start and end of the barcode string.
Even though I have the font on my PC and even though I add * before and after the variable I want to be barcoded, I never see them when in preview mode locally.

but....When it runs on the server through the BIP engine it works fine
hi all,

to be able to print the barcode on the pdf output, you need to add the font in xdo.cfg configuration file on the server. I was able to print the barcode after adding the font but it is not readable by any scanner. that is because there is a limitation on barcode encoding when using pdf type output.
any workaround for this issue??

Thank you