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Does anyone know how to install a bar code font on the
enterprise server. this is on OW 7332 on NT We
thought it would be easy but.



Christian Audet

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Is it True Type Font (.TTF) ?

I did it just by copying my file to the fonts folder on the server. My server was a Win2K. Of course you need to install the font on client also if you want to be able to run the report locally.

Up to now I did it with Bar Code and with logo into a font and both are working fine (Under NT and W2K)

Can you describe the step you are using to install the font and also what kind of test are you doing, is it working localy?

Christian Audet

Implementing B7333 (Xe) SP14.1, SQL
(Support B732, B7331 and B7332)


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B7332 requires a TTF for viewing the PDF file, however, JDE requires you to have a barcode softfont installed on your laser printer to be able to print through JDE filters (ie, not through acrobat). The config is under menu GH9013, and softfonts in both PostScript and PCL format can be bought from - the Postscript fonts are in the HP UNIX PFA package, I believe. Once you have downloaded the fonts into your printer, you can start printing using them from oneworld printer filters.

In Xe, you don't need PostScript softfont, just a TTF. But if you want PCL barcodes, Xe still needs the softfonts for the printer.