Banner page when using System Based Security


We have recently installed OneWorld XE and have initially decided to set Printimmediate=TRUE as a default for the user's .ini file. We are using System Based Security so jobs that are submitted to the enterprise server to execute are submitted using the "proxy" user-id. When these reports print, the banner page of the report (i.e., job separator information) references the "proxy" user-id rather than the user who actually requested the report to be run in the first place.

If we set Printimmediate=FALSE, and then the user views their .PDF report files, they can print from Adobe Acrobat reader -- which in turn generates a banner page with their network user-id. This solution will allow the user to identify which reports are actually theirs on the printer. However, it is my understanding that because Printimmediate=FALSE, the PRINTQUEUE file that contains all of the .PDF files will get cluttered with any report that is generated and not printed -- in turn, we will have to put together some utility to go out and clean this file of objects older than 'X' amount of days.

Has anyone handled this type of scenario (i.e., Printimmediate=True, System Based Security, reports with a banner page that identifies the user that generated the report)?

Any insight to a possible solution is greatly appreciated.


OneWorld XE SP 14.2/AS400 Enterprise/Windows 2000 Deployment Server