Bank Reconciliation - EDI 821 and related-


Hello friends -

Is anyone using 821 to subscribe/process Daily Bank Statement or using JDE Auto Bank Recon? I am a functional guy and new with JDE and have years ERP experience (SAP, EBS, etc.) Wondering if you could help understand / verify the following -
1. Paid Checks - on bank statement when processed via JDE auto bank reconciliation do not post a transaction in GL. Instead it only enters a cleared date in F0911-DKC. however, F0413-VLDT is populated at the time we run R04572. Is this correct? Also, is there a way to blank out F0413-VLDT and populate it when check is presented at the bank?
2. Cash Applied - No transaction when bank statement is processed. Instead the lock box file - 823, has to work in conjunction with the 821 for a complete reconciliation. Is this correct?
3. How do we test auto bank reconciliation? Can we create a dummy file and load it ourselves?
4. Do most companies rely on JDE set-up for automatic matching of bank transactions to GL? Or do folks normally reconcile / process most transactions manually?
5. We are trying to get around the 1 GL account per Bank Account limitation. Has anyone done this king of set-up?

I can share more information on our bank recon set-up if you have specific questions.

Thank you!
Zeus C. Adle


We are on 9.2 and have recently configured and are using JDE Auto Bank Rec. Here are a few suggestions:
1. That sounds like standard functionality. To do what you are asking would require a mod.
3. Refresh a test environment and run the process there using the bank file that corresponds to your test data. This is much easier than creating a test file, but I suppose you could do it that way if you wanted to. We did it that way at the very beginning using a single transactions just to make sure we had our basic config correct.
4. I would say that most companies are using either a manual process or at best a partially automated process using custom tools. We are using the vanilla auto bank rec for just one of our more simple bank accounts, not our huge general account (yet). We also had to create a separate script that updates the JDE F0911 data based on data in the bank file to allow us to get a successful match. The JDE process has limitation, for example the Cheque Number in the F0911 must match the bank reference number, so this is what we are updating via a script as it's virtually impossible to get that data in there consistently using the application.
5. There is no standard way to get around this limitation - that would require a mod.

If you subscribe to JDE Tips there is a very detailed article I wrote there on how the whole JDE auto bank rec works - you may find it helpful.