Bank Reconciliation - Apps issue


Hi List
I am having an issue with the bank reconciliation in One World.
Currently when we update a payment group for a BACS (EFT) payment run,
there is an entry to the bank account for each payment number. BACS
payments appear as one total amount on the bank statement. Therefore it
is difficult to match the multiple entries in One World (often in excess=

of 200 separate payments) to the one entry on the bank statement. In the=

AR Receipts program (P03B102) there is a processing option under the
Process Tab to create GL bank account entries by batch for receipts. I
am not aware of any similar processing options in AP to create the GL
bank account entries=A0by batch rather than by payment. If anyone=A0has =
solution to this or has=A0done any modifications to achieve this, could
you please let me know.=A0
Thanks in advance for your help.
Kind Regards
Bernadette Vella
XE, Update 1, Oracle, HP