Backups on AS/400 Enterprise Server

I would appreciate feedback from any OW users using the AS/400 as the
Enterprise Server, specifically how
much "down" time is required for daily backups. I'm not particularly fond
of "save while active" on the AS/400,
and we are looking for feedback on other companies and their approach to

Do you use the JDE OW Scheduler on the AS/400 to schedule a CL program to
run that takes down services, backs up all the libraries,
backs up the ifs, restarts services, etc....??????

What are the scenarios?

We are 24/7 in most of our 43 locations....

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance....

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We are preparing to go live with AS/400 as the Enterprise server with a 3590
tape drive.
At present, I am using the AS/400 native backup functions which set up a
series of jobs in the IBM Job scheduler. Prior to running the backup a job
is initiated which ends all production subsystems and the JDE services.
Once the backup is complete a second job is initiated which starts all
production subsystems and starts JDE services. We do have production
volumes of data on the box.
I take a full back up of *allusr libraries once a week and a save of
changed objects referencing the full backup on all other days.

I am happy with this in a development environment and it may well work in
production without amendment but I would also be interested to hear how
others do it.

The full save at present takes about 2hrs and the changed objects save about

What high-availability solution are others using?

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Re: RE: Backups on AS/400 Enterprise Server

For high availability we use the software called OMS400 from Vision Solutions. We replicate the database to another AS/400. At a point in our nightly schedule, we are coexist by the way, replication is shutdown, a backup is taken, then the replication is started back up. This can all be done automagically with the AS/400 Job Scheduler. There is no need to shutdown services because it is a replicated database........


Re: RE: Backups on AS/400 Enterprise Server

Even with OMS don't you still have to kick off the users even for just for a minute or 15 to put a bookmark in the JRN??

IE how long will it take to remove the users and get the mark


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I bring down JDENET and QSERVER, then just SAVLIB on the data libraries
using a 3590. Takes about 1.5 hours for our data libraries (several
environments) and IFS. Weekly I do a full SAVSYS, SAVLIB, SAV...

Seems reasonable at this point in time (for our business).

AS400 V4R4, B733.2, SP11.3, NT-SQL7 for CO