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We backup our DB as per normal (coexistant) and use ARCSERVE to backup our DS and Central Objects.

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thanks for your feedbacks,

my need is to know what assets do we have to backup and how?

we have 4 seperate machines : webserver, deployement server, enterprise
server and database server. We use OneWorld XE HTML Solution.

especially woukd like to know the following :

* is it enough to backup the oracle database? or do Oneworld use some
filesystems to store its objects(userprofiles,...)?

* when you want to save just the modified objects (and not the whole
system), how do you know them? do OneWorld have a integrated backup tool?

any other information, experience in this subject will be appreciated

thanks in advance



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Re: RE: Backup Strategy


JDE/OneWorld really is no different than other software systems when it comes to backup (other than being somewhat bloated on the software side!).

1. Yes you need to backup the data.
2, Yes you should backup the file directories. With few exceptions (such as the media queue directories) you should consider the OneWorld file directories to be software directories that do not contain data. Therefore you only need to back those up when they change. When do they change? Whenever: a) developer's check-in changes to programs; b) Whenever you build a package (full or update); c) Whenever you install service packs, ESUs, etc from JDE. In our site thats fairly often.
3. OneWorld does not have its own backup.
4. Since not only data but a major portion of the software is contained in the database it can be more complicated to separate data from software for backup purposes. For this reason you may want to consider storing the central objects (the software specs stored in the db) in a separate instance - possibly on the deployment server. Many sites do this.

Our configuration is uncomplicated compared to yours but here is our backup strategy:
1. Full Backup of all OW data and files every weekend (this is a coordinated backup using an HP product called OmniBack that writes to a DLT library files from both Unix Server and Deployment Server).
2. Each week night a cumulative net change backup of the file directories on the Enterprise and deployment servers.
3. Each week night a Full Oracle DB backup (data and central objects all reside in one instance on ES).

Hope this helps,

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RE: RE: Backup Strategy

We take a different approach to backup. Our system is NT and SQL. We backup
all JDE databases daily using the SQL server backup utility (this takes up
more disk space but we are more confident that we can restore rather than
backing up via 3rd party with an SQL agent. We also do an SQL transaction
log backup twice daily of the production database to reduce recovery time if
we need to restore. From there we fully backup both the deployment server
and the enterprise server on a daily basis to tape using ARCSERVE. We plan
to go to a more centralized backup scheme using Veritas in the near future.

If space is an issue you can backup CRP and DEV once and a while.