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We have a problem we are trying to solve.
most of our customers allow back orders after thier
order has been shipped. Some want the remaining QTY
canceled after shipment. and a few want the back
order canceled after order entry
Can this be handled at the customer level or is there
a way to do it a shipping? We are running OW 7332 sp
11.3 on NT if it makes a difference



Tim Lyons

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You can set the handling of back orders on P03013, the Customer Master
record, as well as whether they accept partial line and order shipments.
All three parameters actually work together. If partial line shipments are
not allowed, and the full quantity is not available, the entire line will be
cancelled. If partial order shipments are not allowed, and the full
quantity of any item on the order is not available, the entire order will be
cancelled. I suspect you want to allow both of these, so they should both
be checked on the Customer Master. If the customer does not want
backorders, this should not be checked.
In the processing options for P4210, Sales Order Entry, activate
Availability Checking (on the Commitments tab). Any quantity not available
will be cancelled if backorders are not allowed, providing that partial line
shipments are allowed.
In the processing options for Ship Confirm (P4205), you can specify whether
to backorder or cancel any unshipped quantity(on the Process tab). If the
customer master specifies no backorders, the unshipped quantity will be
Hope this helps.

Tim Lyons, CFPIM
Brij Information Solutions
tim.lyons@brijconnects.com <mailto:tim.lyons@brijconnects.com>

Mike Dupaix

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At the customer level, you can specify if back orders are allowed. This will solve one of the problems.

At the time of ship confirm, you can control whether backorders will be generated through a processing option. You need to be careful when employing this as any orders with backordered quantities will be cancelled. If you have customers that still want the backordered product shipped from the original order, you must use an alternate version to control backorders.

Backorders can also be controlled at the branch/plant level. See your inventory setups for details.

Mike Dupaix
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I have a question about backorder management. My system creates backorder line of an order only if the order is about the primary location of items. If i insert an order about an item in its secondary location, the application R42520 doesn't create the backorder line. Help me!!! We are already in go live.

Thank you very much!!!