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Backorder Information On Picklists


Our company would like to print back order information (once) on the picklist-which is also used as the packslip. We have been using JDE for distribution since June 2000 and are currently co-existent with the picklist programs running in World (A7.3 Cum 11). We were able to accomplish this with our legacy system and customers have been asking for this ever since we implemented JDE.

Has anyone either found a way to do this or written custom code to accomplish this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


DeeAnn M. Drew
Briggs Corporation
515-327-8740 (w)
515-327-6421 (f)



Client of mine cloned the Invoice Print program (P42565) for use printing
pickers. Proc Opt #14 (A73C8) allows printing BO'd lines once.
Hope this helps.

Alan Caswell
Alan Caswell Consulting
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EM: adcaswell@home.com