Backing up work order start date without touching lead time


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Looking for some ideas... we are looking at backing up our work order start dates 1 day to start them earlier. The lead time in the Item Branch would ideally remain where it sits today, but the start date posted to the work order would move in by 1. Anyone have any ideas on how to do this in a standard JDE manner? The only ideas we've come up with at this point is writing a UBE to check for new WOs that meet our criteria and then move them in a day. Not sure if there is another process we could follow or not.
Probably you can have B4000920 modified to add an extra day to the Lead Time - Mfg ( F4102.IBLTMF )
if your business requires all your WOs to start one day early...It is the BSFN called by CalculateOrderLeadTime ...Just my 2 cents.

Assuming you're using MRP ...

At least two ways:
  1. Try putting a '1' in the Manufacturing Effective Days: Item Branch->Lot Processing Tab. Do this even if not using Lot Processing. Try it on a couple parts first to see if it has the effect you want.
  2. In the part routing introduce a day's worth of Queue hours in the first step of the routing.

P.S. Next time post questions like this to the EnterpriseOne Applications forum.
Thanks for the ideas, guys.


Good call. Will post in there in the future. Should have looked at the descriptions first for the forum topics. Definitely still getting used to posting on here every now and again.
I am sorry to respectfully contradict our veteran Larry on the 1st point:

Mfg Effective days will be used to calculate Lot Effectivity Date by adding it to the on-hand date so that the specific lot will be available for use only after reaching the Effectivity date even though it is in stock. Basically P41202 available column would be blank till the lot becomes effective.It will have no bearing on how the WO start date is calculated by BackwardScheduling function in P48013.

However I agree totally with populating the queue time on the routing per Larry's 2nd point....but if you run lead time rollup, it will again update F4102 LT values which I guess Fred do not want.