Background colors in JDE after SP11.3


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Just to let everyone know, once you apply SP 11.3 the background grid colors go from yellow to white. The color reflects the new JDE developers design of using the Windows background. I was told by JDE support that this is something that the developers are going to stick with. This means if you have Windows NT Workstation/Windows2000, in order to change the background colors you have to change them in Display Properties/Appearance tab. This changes the background throughout Windows. So we can all look forward to fun and exciting times with no color boring JDE screens. Do you think it would be to difficult to ask JDE to let the customer have the option of choosing the background colors. We don't want black & white forever. Add some excitement.
there was a discussion on this a short while back. use the search function and search for "color" to see the entire thread. i did cut and paste the following from a post by chad anderson that looked promising:

We had the some problem, it stems from you JDE.ini file. There is a section that set the color for you.
Her is a what is should look like.


My guess is that you will not have the 4 color line in your ini. We just added the 4 color line back into
the ini file and it worked.

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I have also replied the thread that Dave had mentioned.
Unfortunately the copied suggestion doesn't work on your SP level (I tried on SP 11).
I suggest, all of us report this request to JDE RL.
If somebody will receive an SAR then please, put it onto the "SAR One World / XE Watch" board of the Forum (it is accessibel via internet only on
The advantage to do it is that all of us could be attend to this issue making a new post on this thread making a bit pressure to JDE.
If this issue won't be appear on the SAR board after a week then would you put this issue there, in this case without SAR number? Thanks.

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Did anyone get a SAR yet???

If so can record that for.