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Hello All,

We changed the background color in TR by replacing a color in c$\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\EnterpriseOne\servers\JDE92PY_PY_80\stage\JDE92PY_PY_80\app\webclient.war\share\css\webclient.css.

This worked just fine. We have ugraded to and every time the JVM is restarted, it reverts to the base color.
Am I correct in needing to edit the webclient.css in the C:\jde_home_1\SCFHA\targets\JDE92PY_PY_80owl_deployment\webclient.ear\app\webclient.war\share\css directory instead?

Is there a better place/way to change the background color in newer tools? We don't really need to do logos or banners, we are more interested in just a simple color change on all forms so users don't do PD work in PY or vice versa.

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Try editing the file in jde_home. I had a similar issue switching files out for DR and it turned out the application copied the files from jde_home everytime I restarted.


go to the following directory:


and paste the new webclient.css there and bingo! problem solved. I've had the same issue last week and this is how I solved it.

Note: don't forget to keep a backup copy of the old webclient.css file.


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Thank you for the response. Copying the files every time also explains why it takes longer for the JVM to start up.