Backflush From A Single Location


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In our distribution centers, a monthly work order is created for a prebuilt pack. The pack sometimes contains between 60-100 child items. However, we only build packs as needed. So, sometimes as few as one or two a day. Currently, we are manually receiving and issuing these items - a slow process. In some instances, we've moved to just doing an IA using an Excel template to copy/paste, but it doesn't create the commitment quantities we need to effectively manage our inventory.

We'd like to use the backflush program, but the inventory can't be issued from the lowest lot number or oldest expiration date. The child items are always pulled from the same JDE location (LINE, for example) and the parent is received to the same location.

Is there any way to set up the system so a backflush process for a specific order/order type can issue from a specific location?