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It seems that The program P42995 "Repost Active Sales Orders" does not do anything with Back Order Qty. (SDSOBK) Is there a program that will run through the Sales file and Completly re-do commitments including BackOrdered amount?

I am trying to develop a report that will show a "Reason" why a Sales order is past due. I have come across some sales that look like the following

Order Item. Qty Shipped BackOrdered
1234 SO ABC 100 50 50
5678 SO ABC 200 100 100

I currently have 150 ON hand of item ABC.
Isn't there some Standard JDE BATCH program that will Change commitments of the item so that I can have...

Order Item. Qty Shipped BackOrdered
1234 SO ABC 100 100 0
5678 SO ABC 200 50 150

This way at least they can ship out the first order.


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I'm pretty sure what you want to do is run the Release Back Orders Batch
Program (P42118). It looks at what is available to be released and changes
back ordered quantities to shippable.

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There is one batch backorder release program P42118, The way you run P42995
, before P42995 , run P42118, which will release the back orders.

Hope this helps.