E9.2 B98ORCH Output


Hello JDEList community! Been a long time lurker, first time poster

I am trying to use B98ORCH to call an orchestration which is in turn consuming a REST API using a connector. I am able to use B98ORCH to call the orchestration successfully, but the API response is a large JSON Array (luckily its pretty simple, but an array nonetheless). The entire array fits within the szOutputString_REPTEXT from the BSFN outputs, but I am a little lost as to how I can parse the JSON array out of the szOutputString_REPTEXT data item so that I can use the array values to populate a grid in an E1 form. I saw another post which suggested using a JSON parser called via a custom C function but not sure if anyone has found other ways around this?

any help you guys can provide would be much appreciated!

Dave Azouth


Create a concatenated string with a groovy script and add it to the final step of your orchestrator. Return that string as a new output and recover the values that you need.

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