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B9 Demo Junior


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Hi everybody,

I'm currently running B9 SP2 Fat Client on my PC and also have B9 Demo Junior installed - I use snapshot to swap from one to the other.

Recently my B9 Demo Junior has stopped working - when I try to log into it I get a database password login screen. I got one of our CNC guys to install B9 Demo Junior on a spare PC and there was no problem, Demo worked fine. However, when he installed the Fat Client he couldn't then log into Demo either.

Has anybody else had this problem, and if so how did you resolve it? Any ideas would be appreciated.



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They use completely different INI files, so I'd first make sure that you've got the right one.

Then, if you're getting the DB login screens, check that actual datasource it's trying to connect to. Turn on logging if you need to and attempt to log in. Go to the ODBC connection that is failing.

Also, since EO 8.9 utilizes MSDE, not access, there are known issues when SQL components are already present and either the Demo or Fat Client is installed on the machine.

Speaking of which, have you ensured MSDE is running on the affected machine? You should see a MSDE icon in the system tray. If it's not there, then you won't connect to the local DB And Demo won't run.

Good luck,



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Thanks Jim for your advice.

The ODBC connections seem to be fine, the jde.ini files are OK and I've got the MSDE icon in my system tray (the sequel server icon). Looking at the jde.log file that is produced, it doesn't recognise the username/password.

I thought it might be snapshot causing the problem becuase the problem only arises once SP2 Fat Client is installed However, even after uninstalling it again Demo still doesn't work.



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you need to use the snap shot provided by b9, and not the older version. Make sure you are doing this... Jaise