B7.333 Update Report UBE refuses to Level Break!


We are on JDE B7333 (yep, we are stuck and cannot upgrade, so also means no Oracle Support).

I have a standard (custom) Update Report UBE that I wrote from scratch that refuses to Level Break. Neither the LB Header Section nor the LB Footer section will execute (confirmed using DEBUG.EXE). This is on the Primary Section (not a Conditional Section) with a JDE Business View applied to it. The level-break in question (the only Level-Break in the UBE) is set on DOCO field according to the SECTION SEQUENCE in the Define Sort Properties. It is the primary Sort Order and the check is set for a Level-Break on that DOCO Field.

I’ve tried Deleting these LB Sections and re-creating but the report still won’t break. All report and Print Properties seem to have defaults set, except for I set the default output to CSV but this has never stopped Level-Breaking from occurring.

Has anyone ever encountered this anomaly? The only thing that I can say about the Primary Section is that the Business View is join 4 tables together. Can that prevent Level-breaking from occurring?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!