B7.3.3.2 year end process


Has any one gone through this for 1099's and/or Payroll W2's package?

Would like to know how long it took to build the package etc...? Also any
known problems????

And just out of curiosity how long has this been issued... I just got mine
on December 6th. My account manager told someone that it has been out for 5
weeks. I was under the impression they were issued until the first week of

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It was not available until last week. We had numerous issues with the
documentation and such as far as applying it. We are keenly interested in
the Payroll year end, which turned out to be an ASU with 650+ objects in it.
So... Here we are with a change of that magnitude to rush into production
on payroll (no less) within basically two weeks in order to do a year end
roll prior to 1/1. Then, we have 4,000 checks to produce on Jan 2.

Wow. Just a wee bit tense.

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Well... We are not running Year End due to some "problems" with it. The
Payroll application people tell me that we technically do not need it - that
it is a nice to have.

Hope they are right.

We use the Quantum for Payroll Tax. Not sure what you mean by "for tax
tables"? We have not had any issues with the Quantum Payroll Tax (unlike
the Sales Tax).

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Re: RE: B7.3.3.2 year end process

Just thought I would let all know that even though we did not run Year End (turns out we lucked out on the way we accrue and/or do not accrue things like vacation) that things went well this week.

Another 4000 checks popped out with the new YTD figures... So it was a much better week that envisioned.

Just didn't want to leave this in such a bad light. Now we are testing 1099 and working on our Optio W2 programming.

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