B4210440 Get Price History Data - Pricing Category Level Flag ?


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Hello Group,

Thanks for reading. Appreciate your reply. Issue below is related to Advanced Pricing BSFN. I have used it in our customization to retrieve Adjustments in P421002. This BSFN is found in P4074 application. I have issue at one point. We are on E1. 9.2

Requirement: I use B4210440 Get Price History Data in our customization in P551002/ (P421002) to read Price History Cache. This BSFN retrieves a flag Pricing Category Level with values "1" & "3". Can you help me understand, from where does BSFN get "1" or "3". I searched the C code and it gets it from as below. But still not clear which table or set up or logic??
idReturn = GetSalesOrderLineBusinessData(lpBhvrCom, lpVoid,
(int *)NULL,

Does Pricing Category Level flag have any relation to Foreign order ?

Does Pricing Category Level flag value changes during order entry ?

BackGround: The same BSFN is used by P4074 Price History Application. Based on this flag the discounts are displayed on P4074 screen.


1. Check the screen dump attached

2. P4074 W4074D - The AdjRevLevel is set as below
EVENT: Post Dialog is Initialized

frm_szCurrentValue_CLVL = FI szPricingCategoryLevel1
0022 String, Convert String To Numeric
VA frm_szCurrentValue_CLVL -> BF szGenericString
VA frm_mnAdjRevLevel_AREV <- BF mnNumericValue


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Taking a quick look for you, it appears to be coming off the F4211 itself.

It is used in these DSTRs too mind

D4210440B = GetSalesOrderLineBusinessData
D4210440J = GetPriceHistoryData
D4210440K = ProcessLinePriceHistory
D4210440L = GetCrossReferenceItemData
D4210440M = ProcessCrossReferenceItems

So if that's true, question is where is the F4211 getting it from?

Do a find in files for both CLVL and szPricingCategoryLevel to see what you spot. Or debug your F4211 entry


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Thanks very much. I check the .h files for the tables and it helped to solve my issue.