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The only report I could think of is R4094A. However, this report should
actually not be able to insert a record with a duplicate key.
Either remove the record with SQL and rerun R4094A or simply rerun R4094A
which should correct the problem if it runs correctly.
There must be one record with zero ICID.

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We are having a problem with the P4106 application, and not with the F4106

When adding a new record for an item, or item/customer, two new equal
records appear in the application P4106, screen W4106J, instead of being
just one. Inquirying on the W4106K, empty records are being displayed. Even
though, the F4106 shows just the originally created one record. When we try
to erase one of those records, from the W4106K, we are allowed to do this
(no error message), but the duplicated records are still in the main screen

Trying to find an explanation for this, we found that, in the F4094, there
are two records created for the KIICID = '0' , and that might be the reason
for the duplication of records in the application.

We are not allowed to access the F4094 through an aplication, so we don't
know neither how to erase the duplicated '0' KIICID, nor how this duplicated
record could have been created.

A similar problem, and perhaps with a similar root arises when trying to
create a price for a Customer Price Group: an old price for another customer
price group which didn't exist any more because of having been erased,
appears again. Then, when trying to erase again the old, not desired price,
the new price is also erased. We found that the new record created have a
BPICID, which inquirying on the F4094 for the same value in the KIICID has
also a duplicated record, which hadn't been erased when erasing the old, not
desired price.

So, my questions are:

* How is it possible to create two records (sometimes the same one,
and another times different ones) for the same ICID in the F4094
* How can we erase this duplicated record in the F4094, if the problem
is the duplication of the record, as I asume.


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