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Has anyone purchased AutoPilot? Can you give me some information on how
long it took to set up your personal test scripts? Is it easy to use?

Toni Nanneman
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I believe my favorite Brit Jon Steel had some great conversations with his
friend at IBM on the Autopilot (or OneWorld Scripting Tool as it is now
called) a couple of months ago. You might want to look under his name or
maybe altquark.
My take on this product is it can be very valuable for testing, but also
very cumbersome for the following reasons:
1. if you upgrade or make mods, you have to dig through the script again to
make it work.
2. if you have multi-level scripts you cannot delete a top level without
losing everything below it.
3. time consuming script creations
4. PRICE - hopefully, JDE will be bringing the price down to a workable
level in the future.


1. quite user friendly
2. they were working on integrating an event recorder so that users could
record their error and send the file to IT where they could plug in that
file directly to Autopilot and instantly create the script. Don't know if
it is still on the drawing board or not.

IMO, there is a great macro scripting tool we use that acts as a keystroke
recorder also. With the right know-how and simple ASCII commands, you can
quickly create automated scripts that more effectively simulate the user's
action. Autopilot works behind the scenes on calls, etc. - the one thing
that Autopilot does have to it's advantage is that it will show you the logs
on screen, but as you can pull that up with a log editor anyway, I don't
believe that it justifies the cost.

I do know that the macro tool we use was utilized at JDE for their internal
bench testing to create automated scripts in a matter of weeks what took 6
months to do in Autopilot.

Again, I may be a bit behind the times, and there may have been some leaps
in its functionality, but I had to put my 2 cents in as I believe everyone
should take advantage of automated scripting.

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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to the few who responded back regarding my
plea for info!

B7322 SP12.2; NT; SQL 6.5; coexist on AS/400 with A73 cum 8


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What is the macro scripting tool you use, it sounds very interesting.


Bill Feeney
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It is called MacroScheduler. Dirt cheap, and as long as you learn the
tricks (eg.WaitPixelColor waits until buttons are green before continuing)
you can script just about anything. You can also license a version that
integrates with LoadRunner to stress test your systems. I think we have a
demo script somewhere if you have demoJr. loaded on a pc or laptop.

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AutoPilot Wonderers...

The following are some notes from a 'mini' training class that one of our
fellows at Simplot put on (Kevin Robbins ~ [email protected]). I am busy
doing mods to XE... and have, pretty much, stayed out of the way...

From what I hear, the product - probably - wasn't ready for production when
it shipped. We can get a few hundred records through at a time ~ then the
process starts slowing to a crawl (or worse). We've used JDE Support quite
a bit ~ and have it working much better, currently.

If you are going to use AP ~ make sure you have some time and have your
debug hat ready...

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Thanks Tony,
I do have Demo Jr.(soon) loaded on a PC. The script would be appreciated.

Bill Feeney
JDE Technical Developer
B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6

B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6