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Autopilot and Citrix


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Hello list,
Does anyone know if you can use Autopilot on a Citrix machine. I have heard
this cannot be done. If autopilot cannot run a Citrix machine does anyone know
a tool that can be used with Citrix.

XE- SP15
CO - AS/400
5 ES - V4R5M0
11 Citrix


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Hi Ellen

Autopilot is not configured for multi-user use on a single workstation (ie - on a Citrix machine). Instead, many people use a VERY cheap tool called Macro Scheduler to stress test the product. It is extremely easy to use and I myself have developed many scripts for it. JD Edwards used MSched in their B7331 stress testing prior to Autopilot - which revealed many, many issues with the product prior to launch.

Please visit my website - I have details on how Macroscheduler works with JD Edwards, together with a link to the manufacturers site.

Jon Steel

ERP Sourcing