Automating W-2's Box 13?


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My users claim, that prior to 9.0, the W-2 Box 13 was auto-magically populated - but they don't know how....

That said, they'd like it to be auto-magically populated going forward - and I'm not sure how....

So, the question: Conceptually, is there a way of setting up a PDBA process - such that it will flip the F060116.PENS flag to "Y"? (I read that the Box 13 flag is the F060116.PENS column - I might need to confirm that better). Ideally, if specific PDBAs go active - that process of going active/inactive corrects the flag. :confused:

Is anyone aware of setup or configuration, that will 'magically' flip the switch - and turn on the flag for the W-2 Box 13?