Automating package install from command line

Filiz Rae

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone has automated installing packages from command line for 9.2 tools.

I don't want to hard code the JDE password, password encryption is no longer supported. Also, with full packages, silent install only works for the build, not the local web component.

Any assistance appreciated.

Thanks max_xx, it's fatclient - DV920 and local web component.

I've since logged a call with Oracle and have been advised that what I wanted to do can't be done and isn't supported.


not sure where you are on this but I made a pre-copy installation of the system, MISC, jdk and jde folders that include the local web (it being in system depending on the web client you use). If you copy this working copy back after installing the full package, it should work as if you normally install it.
As for the user name and password encryption, i use psexec to start it from another machine so the user on the machine does not see it. I do clean out the C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory\logs folder as the installation log stores the password. Hope it helps.
Of course none of this is supported by Oracle.

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