Automatically Tab thru Edit Controls



I have a request from my current client to have JDE automatically tab thru a series of edit controls (all single character fields) after they've entered a value into each field. So basically, they enter an 'A' in edit control one, system automatically tabs to edit control two, they enter a 'B' in edit control two, system automatically tabs to edit control three, etc...

I'm pretty sure this can't be done using the regular JDE toolset, but I've got to imagine that it can be done with the help of C.

My current thought is, maybe I can execute an ASYNCH BSFN from the Dialog Is Initialized event (from a Fix Inspect Form) that runs in the background. Every couple seconds it would go out and see if a value was entered in Edit Control 1, when it see's that a value was entered, it set's focus on Edit Control 2.

The fact that I've been able to manipulate a JDE grid via C makes me think there has to be a way to manipulate form controls.

I've searched thru Google, Yahoo, and the base JDE BSFN's to see if I could find anything to help me out, so far no luck.

Has anyone here tried anything similar to this?

I appreciate in advance any help that's given!

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the response. The only problem is that I need to set focus on field 2 only after a value was entered in field 1 (the users don't want to manually tab thru each field, they want the system to automatically tab to the next field as they are entering values into each field). Unfortunately, there are no events that I know of that let me know when a user has typed a value in a field. I can recognize when they enter the field, when they exit the field, or when they click the Visual Assist...but I need to know when they've typed a value in that field.