E9.0 Automatic UBE logging, JDEDebug = tick, level = 6


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Hi folks

Is there a way to ensure that all UBEs submitted manually have these 2 options automatically filled in?
So instead of clicking advanced to switch it ON, you'd be clicking advanced to switch it OFF

I would like to do this on a non prod box




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Just curious , why would you like to do that on every report that is fired by a user . Two issues - first it will create huge number of log files on the server for you and will take up memory and space and you will have to clean them up , depending on how complex or big the ube logic is files can be huge in size , and second , this will slow down your processing speed a lot because enable logging slows down the speed of ube processing as it has to write for each step and then if you have single threaded queues , they will be backed up and jobs in wait for a long time .

I am sure if you can replicate data and run over it specifically then you can find those logs for troubleshooting if you need . Most of the times you dont need replication as error means data is still there un processed and you can run over it to receive WC messages . In cases where it is sporadic and sometimes difficult to replicate , turning this option feels like a more drastic step , just saying ...


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Because, as a developer having a log of a users activity after they've reported an error is like striking gold. It's so easy to find out what wen't wrong in the code.

This is only in Non Prod. Not PROD itself