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Automatic Queue Change in P986110B (WSJ)

Dear All,

Is there is any way to change automatic jobs queues. as we have more than 700 users, we have assigned queues to users but still in the month end lots of jobs are in "Waiting" status so we have to assign manual queues to a particular user to complete his batch. Is there any way to rectifies it.

Vipin Dubey


Legendary Poster
You can move it manually whilst it's waiting yes, but you'd have to write something to sweep F986110 to look for queued jobs and move them.
I almost wrote something to do this a few months back but decided against it.

My advice is not to automatocally move anything as some UBEs are linked to others and you can cause more harm that good if you move the wrong job.

I'd simply run the month end jobs on their own queue so there is no bottle neck.


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I know a client who did this and it worked very well for them. They wrote a custom external program. If you are on the iSeries, changing the job queue is not as trivial as changing it in the F986110 table (you have to change the job on the iSeries as well).