Automatic Printing on NT APP (Enterprise) Server


Hi Folks,

My searching shows that this has been discussed before, but I could not
find a resolution so I thought I'd try it again.

Environment - OW B7321 SP12.3, AS/400 Enterprise server, NT App Server

I would like to run UBE's on the App server by submitting them via
scheduled batch file with the RUNUBE command. Everything I've tried
thus far doesn't work - the job runs, the PDF is created in the
Printqueue, but it doesn't print. From a client with
PRINTIMMEDIATE=TRUE, I can submit a job to this server and it prints
automatically, no problem but it does not work from the RUNUBE command
on the server.

I called JDE support, and was told that this did indeed not work, it was
a known problem which has "enhancement" status at this time.

That being the case, I am wondering if anyone else has worked around
this issue in another way.

JDE's suggestion was to try to automate the printing from the NT side,
using a batch file which would look for unprinted jobs and send them to
the printer. While my criteria is a bit more complicated than that due
to the need to send different jobs to different printers, I wonder if it
could be done.

Acrobat has command-line options for printing, which I have tried and
had little success with so far.

Any ideas anyone?


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This was from a previous post. Did you try changing the HOLD parameter on the runube command.

HOLD(*YES) means to print it immediately. HOLD(*NO) means to not print it.

B733.2 SP11.2
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Print from scheduler on NT does not work. If there is a fix that somebody
knows off please let us know. I have heard of different solutions around
this problem. But none that fix the core problem of the scheduler printing
completed jobs.


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The HOLD(*YES) or (*NO) appears to apply to the AS/400 version of RUNUBE
- the options on the NT version are PRINT or HOLD. Using PRINT is the
functionality which should work, but doesn't seem to want to.

David Van Vugt
Network Support Analyst
Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario



The following is a command line string which will automatically open adobe, print the file, and close adobe and I have sent multiple files at a time using a batch file with no problems.

****One important thing you need to check is that the PATH for the machine performing the command-line call has Adobe Acrobat in it.

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 4.0\Reader\AcroRd32 /p/h/n c:\pathofpdf\filename.pdf

/p = print
/h = hidden
/n = new, this starts a new instance of Acrobat for each file, which is important for automation.

Hope this helps!!!



Hi Rich,

This is helpful, thanks. The only issue that I have, is that this
appears to print to the default printer - do you know of a way to
specify a printer?