Automatic Payments

David Robertson

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Hi list,
Has anybody managed to get R74S572F - Print Automatic Payements - Tape Format (CSB 34) - Spain to run?

When I try to launch it, I end up with a "Unable to load the requested Business View for V04572E" error. This business view is the same one used for the other R04572xx UBE for other countries, and it works fine.

There are also 2 calls to a business function GetDecimalPosition which doesn't seem to exist on the system???

I've tried everything I can think of except rebuilding it from scratch, so any experiences will be appreciated.

OW B7332, SP7_OBJ, everything running local. Database is DB2/400.

David Robertson

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Well, I like answering my own questions.

It seems that the ZJDE0001 version of R74S575F is corrupted. By adding a new version, this UBE now works!

Thanks to Neil and Nick of the JDE UK help desk.