A little history:

Our maintenance personnel create parts lists, (they refer to them as "kits")
which can be attached to work orders as required.

When the work order is printed, the parts list is printed in our warehouse, and
the parts are picked, issued and forwarded to the job site.

In the event that we should be out of stock on items required to fill a work
order parts list, we presently use a manual method to order or expedite
shortages. With the volume of work order issues that we process on a daily
basis, keeping track of ordering all the shortages is a cumbersome task,
resulting occasionally in orders that don't get processed properly.

What we would like, is to turn on the Commitment option.

This is what we see happening (or hope will happen)

The Inventory will be "reserved" for the work order that is waiting for the

The system will place a purchase order for the "shortage" material, in
sufficient quantity to fill the work order requirement, as well as the inventory

When the material arrives at the warehouse, the system must communicate to our
receivers, what portion is required to fill the work order issue, and what
portion would go into stock.

Please confirm also, that our understanding of soft commit and hard commit is

We believe that when an item is placed on a work order for planning / scheduling
purposes, the system labels it as "soft commit" for the corresponding quantity.

When the status code on the work order progresses from the planning stage to the
"print work order" stage, then the item on the parts list would also change to
"hard Commit". At this point, the system should treat that item as issued.

If by committing, it reaches the reorder point, the purchase order generator
(or reorder process) should automatically replace the item for inventory.

(We understand that the above process should all be reviewed and approved by an
Inventory Analyst, prior to actually placing Purchase Orders.)

In summary :

Can the system handle things the way we need?
Is our understanding of the system way off base?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



You're generally on the right track. The point at which the system creates
a hard commitment is controlled in the Manufacturing Constants, P3009, on
G3141. You can hard commit when you create the parts list or when you print
it. A hard commitment is not the same as an issue. The item is still
"reserved", but against a specific inventory location, based on how you have
commitment logic set up.

You can set initial reorder points and quantities for items. The system can
also automatically calculate reorder points and EOQ quantities from
historical usage data. The PO Generator can then identify those items that
are at or below reorder point (considering commitments).

There is not a standard function when receiving the PO to identify the
workorders needing the item. This functionality exists to identify Sales
Order backorders only, so you may need a mod in this area if you want the
information on-line. Of course, your receiving people could also possibly
work from a report.

Hope this helps.

Tim Lyons, CFPIM
Computer Results Company