Automated Changes to existing PO & Cancel lines



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I've been asked to look at a way of changing 3 fields on a PO and also cancelling a line. Quantity, Price and Promised Del Date

I've been told to change our existing Inbound 856 process UBEs.
EBI writes to F47031/32 and then wakes up a clone of R47031 which populates F4301Z1 / 11Z1 before calling a clone of R4311Z1I to write to F4311 / 11 proper

It's only 3 fields we need changing, that's overkill what they've suggested, right?
How would others go about it?

Write to F4311Z1 directly?


Changing data or canceling an existing PO? Yes, IMO, going through some entire EDI/Interop process just to change or cancel a PO line is overkill. I would just call the Purchase Order MBFs directly - that is why they exist.
Exactly. Especially when no Acknowledgement is needed

I could just use F4311Z1 and it's UBE right?
Are you creating new POs or editing existing? If you are creating new POs then you might want to use some type of interop process like a Z table. If it were me, whether creating or editing existing (and I have done both with purchase orders), I would just use the Purchase Order MBFs, but thats just me and just the way I would approach it.... I don't see how its any easier to write to a Z table, then run a Z processor as opposed to just calling an MBF - but for creating new POs its probably six of one, half dozen the other.
Editing and cancelling the lines of existing POs only. Not creating