Automate write-off process


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Hello Board,
I am attempting to build a write-off program that will read an excel file (which has over 4000) lines that lists all the invoices that require to be written-off. Some are for pennies some are for substantial amounts. What I am looking for is some incite on how to follow JDE Processes as much as possible in order to clean up our AR Aging. I haven't found anything I could use. Deductions Process seems to cumbersome. Lockbox is hard to trick into running without actual cash coming in, as there are no payments.
AR Collections group would appreciate something automated so that these write-offs do not need to be manually entered.

Any suggestions/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We are using E9.10


Hello. I have a user asking for the same. Were you ever able to figure out if there was anything that JD Edwards offered? If not, what was your end solution/resolution?

Thank you!