Auto Updating of Google Chrome

James Monroe

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I looked but didn't see this question specifically anywhere.

We are on E1 9.0, tools After moving to to allow JDE to work with Google Chrome, our company's technical support have turned off the auto updating of Google Chrome. We are on Google Chrome 59.0.3071.86. Even though the certifications on Oracle support for tools 9.1 states that the highest supported version of Chrome is 39..... something, Chrome has worked well for us over the last couple of years since we upgraded the tools release.

Now our corporate people are floating the idea that they want to just turn on the automatic updates of Google Chrome, so we need to understand how critical the Chrome version is for E1 to work, or should we insist that for JDE users anyway, this auto update not be turned ojn.

Any advice on other as to whether E1 typically has no problems with any version of Chrome, or how other companies handle this question would be appreciated.
Hi James,

I do not think there should be any issue with auto updation of google chrome...

We are on Tools release 9.2.1 and Google version = 63.X.XXX and E1 is working smoothly on this..
Thanks for the input. I have opened a ticket with Oracle to get their opinion on auto updating of Chrome versions. They say they do not recommend it, and only recommend and support the versions of Chrome that are certified with your release. I understand how you are saying things are working smoothly, but that it is hard to justify doing that when Oracle explicitly states they do not recommend it.
Yes you are right.......Let me know what Oracle has to say on your query...