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Dear all,
can you please help me in the following scenario.

We have to two tables

F4078 having table field Total Sales (TOSA)
F4072 having table field Based on Value(BSDVAL)

In the report, we have following condition

if BSDVAL > TOSA then
send mail to the given mail address

is it possible to send report by mail automatically if BSDVAL is greater than TOSA?

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Try the below steps which might be helpfull:

When the value of BSDVAL > TOSA, enable a flag say Ev01=Y.

va Ev01=Y
end if.

Use below logic, in End report (Future) event which is present under "Event rule operations--->Edit report level event rules".

1. If the flag is enabled...retrieve the job number using a custom BSFN

2. Retrieve UBE PDF name from F986110.JCFNDFUF2 and append the PDF name with the print queue directory path.

3. Use BSFN B0500725 to send report by Email


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thanks a lot saikiran!! i will follow your instruction and get back for help if any issue. please have a look in the attached word document is it workable for me? please guide me.


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