Auto send mail in BI based on Comparison


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Dear all,
can you please help me in the following scenario.

We have to two tables

F4078 having table field Total Sales (TOSA)
F4072 having table field Based on Value(BSDVAL)

In the BI report, we have following condition
if BSDVAL > TOSA then
send mail to the given mail address

is it possible to send report by mail automatically if BSDVAL is greater than TOSA?



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Just a thought, though I'm not a BI pub expert ...

Setup the report definition to send the email based on a data element in the report. Add logic to the UBE and populate that element with the email address you want when BSDVAL is greater than TOSA.



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THANKS A LOT Craig and Mdalton, Can you please elaborate what does it mean? i am new in BI publisher, i don't understand "DATA ELEMENT IN REPORT" and how can i get the "STRUCTURED XML"?
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set an event rule variable in your ER code. For instance EV01 and name it SendEmail_EV01. Then in your UBE add the logic:

if BSDVAL > TOSA then
/** set condition to send mail in BI PUB **/
va_evt_SendEmail_EV01 = 1
/** set condition to not send mail **/
va_evt_SendEmail_EV01 = 0
End IF

In the XML Output you will have the value va_evt_SendEmail_EV01 with either a 1 or a 0.

Create your sort conditions and include the SendEmail to burst and deliver email.