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Is there anyway we can temporarily filter out these out of office
auto-replies on the listserver side? I can do it on my side, but the
listserver can get saturated.
If the user did not use proper logic, they will auto-reply to the
list, which in turn is sent to the list, which in turn will create
another auto-reply. One person can quickly flood the entire list server
with nothing but auto-replies...


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I guess this valuable post should be included on the Eric's "Wish to/Need To" list, on the General Forum (he is reading it on a daily basis).

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ERIC - I really find it frustrating that when... we reply to a mailbox item - it only goes back to the originator or the sent mail, not to the list... I'll address that to the wish list.

OK, back to the Auto-Replies topic:

Carlo Tan wants to know - how to redirect autoreplies within Hotmail...

Here's the skinny - this works with the US Hotmail Web:
Log Into hotmail (www.hotmail.com)

Accross th top tab-bar, it reads: Home, Inbox, Compose & Address Book. The next item is OPTIONS... Select Options.

Once inside options... down the Mail Handling Column is a link to CUSTOM FILTERS (select Custom Filters)

Now you can select (based on Subject, From Name, From Address, To or CC Lines) content and filter to other hotmail folders...

Thanks M$ for making the world a better place


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