Auto Create Parts Lists & Routing via MRP?


I am testing one of the new processing options in P48013 from the latest 9.2 Update 2: Opts Default #5 Create Parts List & Routing 1 = R31410. This works beautifully when creating manual Work Orders directly from P48013. The issue is I can't seem to have R31410 be called automatically when placing a WO via an MRP Message. Even though I have my WO Entry P48013 version setup in P3411. Is anyone else utilizing this auto create Parts List & Routing feature?


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Q: "Is anyone else utilizing this auto create Parts List & Routing feature?"
A: Yes we do so extensively. However Work Orders for the most part are created by Running R31410 as a scheduled batch job (or on demand) with Data Selection set to Process All Work Orders at Status 10. Planning / Demand Management Group processes individual WOs as needed via P48013.


We don't have a batch job running R31410, this is run manually.

[FONT=&quot]I have P48013 version setup to auto create Parts List and Routing upon Work Order Entry. I would also like to process messages via P3401/P3411 which is setup to call the same P48013 version to auto create BOM and parts list. However, upon placing a message to create a Work Order, the Parts list and routing does not auto generate?[/FONT]
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I've achieved that by changing P3411 application and placing following logic in Post Button Clicked event of Process Message Row Exit button:

00022 -If PO szVersionR31410 [VERS] is greater than <Blank>
And BC Order Type (F3411.0) [DCTO] is equal to "WO"
And BC Message Type (F3411.0) [MSGT] is not equal to "Y"
00023 | -LaunchR31410(B3105530.LaunchR31410)
| "1" -> cMode [EV01]
| GC Order Number [DOCO] -> mnDocumentOrderInvoiceE [DOCO]
| PO szVersionR31410 [VERS] -> szVersion [VERS]
00024 End If


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Neither working if WO called by P4210 (Bug 28753452). You may like to log a SAR to have Oracle fix it by ESU instead of modifying the codes yourself.