E8.12 Auto Attach UBE output to the corresponding record


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I need to auto attach the output of a report to the corresponding record. I plan as below:
1. After completing the report, insert record with proper key to F00165
2. Get the file path from View Job Status ( I will use a driver report to call the data report so that I can get the Job Number)
3. Update the record created in step 1 with the file path formatted from step 2.

Is there a better way to accomplish the task ?


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Programmatically move the file from the default Print Queue location as the contents of the print queue folder should be periodically purged.
Don't insert into F00165 until file actually moved.
You should have a network location already where manually attached files go. Use a Media Object Queue location (Defined in P98MOQUE) so you don't need to stuff the complete file path in F00165 - becomes an issue when servers and share names change.


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Hi Larry.
Thank you very much.
Previously I have done auto-emailing of UBE output. So I have idea about how to get the full path of the file.
How can I move the file programmatically, is there any vanilla bsfn exist or should I use some .bat file ?