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Audit Trail for Customer Master and Supplier Master



Would like to seek advice on customising an audit trail report. We have USER ID in master files but no originator field. We have customised a report to print any changes on Customer Master. However, the user ID printed is the ID of the last person updating the customer master. For example if an Invoice transaction takes place, the the Invoiced YTD columns are updated and thus the User ID reflects this user, not the originator.

How do I extract the originator in this case.

Please advice.


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Hi Rani -

On the customer master credit tab there is a field called "Person Opening Account". Typically the person who created the customer master record should show in this field. The alias is POPN..

Hope this helps...


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Hi Rani

Have you activated 'audit processing' in the MBF processing options (P0100041, P0100042 and P0100043)? When activated, all changes (with before and after images) made (via AB, CM and SM only) are written to the respective Z-files. These files you can use for your audit reporting.

Sorry to interrupt here. I'm very new to E1 System.
Can I know if E1 System can generate vendor master data modification history report?
Thanks in advance.


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Welcome Saravanan! You're not interrupting - you're asking a reasonable question.

You can activate the audit processing in the MBF processing options for P0100043, so that all changes (with before and after images, if you like) made via P04012 are written to the F0401Z1. You can use this file for your vendor master data modification history report. However, this would not show changes made via other methods, such as SQL mass updates. Therefore, you might want to turn on the 21 CFR11 auditing for the F0401 table to write to a new file A0401 and select which fields you want to audit. See the My Oracle Support Knowledge Base document E1: CFR11: Auditing EnterpriseOne Table Changes (Doc ID 660722.1) for more info